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Several Missing Teeth

A dental implant bridge may be done to replace a several missing teeth lost together in a row. Benefits of dental implant bridges as teeth replacement solutions include: unlike conventional dental bridges, implant supported bridges are able to replace several missing teeth together without the need of any supporting adjacent teeth, the implant bridge is fixed, long-lasting solution and permanent, similiar to having new set of teeth for chewing and brush and take care of your bridges like normal teeth

Procedure For Dental Implant Bridge

Step 1: Dental Implant Treatment Plan

During your first visit, your implantologist takes a digital panoramic x-ray and 3D CT scan to evaluate your bone condition for dental implant placement. A treatment plan is drawn up and discussed with you.

During the implant planning stage, please do bring up any concerns with your dentist on your options including benefits and risks. In order for implantation, sufficient bone is required prior to placement. If there is insufficient bone, your dentist may recommend having bone grafts.

Stage 1 : Placement of Implant Posts

After confirming your dental implant treatment plan, your implant oral surgeon process the 1st stage dental implant surgery of embedding the implant post into the jaw bone. Dental implant post placement typically takes approximately 30 minutes  to 1 hour per tooth. The session timings vary with the location of the implant post placement, implant procedure as well as type of implant system used. Dental implants are normally done under local anaesthesia. At our thailand dental clinic, you are able to opt for surgical implant under other sedative methods.

On implant post placement, gums are stitched and a healing cap is placed to prevent any food particles trapping at the mouth of the implant post. Your dentist arranges an examination of the wound and cut the silk thread typically around 5 to 10 days after implant post placement.

Stage 2 : Fabricate Bridge over Implants

The implant is normally left to heal for a period of 2 to 6 months or more. After this osseointegration period, your implant prosthodontist checks if your implant posts has integrated with your jaw bone by taking a panoramic x-ray.

An impression of the healed implant post is taken either digitally be an intraoral scanner or physical model. The imprint is then sent to the dental laboratory to fabricate your new bridge. Kitcha Dental Clinic has an digital dental lab within our dental building that can customzied your implant abutment and all ceramic zirconia bridge. CAD/CAM technologies can be utilized at our dental lab for quicker delivery of your bridge. When your bridge is ready, this is fitted over the implant posts by your implant prosthodontist