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Single Missing Tooth

A dental implant crown may be done to replace a single missing tooth. Dental implant crowns are ideal tooth replacement solutions because: it is permanent and long-lasting, feels and looks like a new tooth enabling chewing function, is easy to clean and maintain and a fixed solution

Dental Implant Crown Procedure

Step 1: X-ray & Treatment Plan

The dental implant process always starts with treatment planning. Your dentist evaluates the area for implantation and takes a digital panoramic x-ray and 3D CT scan for diagnoses in determine which type of implant procedure and implant system is suited for your case. In some instanace, your implant dentist impression takes a dental study model.

The implant planning stage is important as your dentist makes the correct recommendation for each individual case to increase success rates and reduce potential risks. Your dentist discuss with you on your options, benefits and risks of the implant procedure.

Stage 1 : Dental Implant Surgery on Post Placement

After determine your implant treatment plan. Your dentist starts the 1st stage dental implant surgery. Dental implant post placement typically takes approximately 30 minutes  to 1 hour per tooth. The session timings vary with the location of the implant post placement, implant procedure as well as type of implant system used. Dental implants are normally done under local anaesthesia. At our thailand dental clinic, you are able to opt for surgical implant under other sedative methods.

After the implant post is placed, gums are stitched and a healing cap is placed to prevent any food particles trapping at the mouth of the implant post. Your dentist arranges an examination of the wound and cut the silk thread typically around 5 to 10 days after implant post placement.

Stage 2 : Build Crown over Implant Post

Your implant post is left to integrate with jaw bone betwen 2 to 6 months or more. After the healing period on your return visit, your dentist takes an panoramic x-ray to examine and check if the implant posts are properly integrated to your jaw bone. If the implant post has healed well, your dentist removes the healing cap and takes an impression or takes an intraoral scan print to build the abutment and crown over the implant post.

At our thailand dental clinic, Kitcha Dental Clinic has an on-site fully digital customzied abutment dental lab. Your dentist is able to customzied the shape, angel and look of your implant abutment to fit percisely with your individual occlusion bite. Your dentist will also select with you the color shade of teeth over the abutment. Normally, the color shade chosen resembles closest to surrounding adjacent teeth to give a natural looking. Selected abutment shape and tooth color shade is sent to Kitcha Dental Clinic Lab. The abutment and crown is digitally milled with a possible 24 turnaround timing.  Your dentist arranges for to fit the crown on the dental implant normally about 3 days later.

Dental Implant Cases

Patient Choose Kitcha Dental Clinic and we our differentiation benefits are:

  1. Leading and top team of dental implant specialists and prosthodontists, many of whom are American board certified and professors/international speakers.
  2. High dental implant success rates using hospital-based patient safety standards.
  3. Offers option on full range of pain-free sedation services either for better comfort or to relief dental anxiety during your dental implant surgery.
  4. We can customise your abutment and all ceramic crowns over implants whereas most implant clinics uses standard abutment fitting.

A damaged tooth or a missing tooth gap can easily and permanently replaced with a single dental implant crown with benefits. A tooth implant is treated in 3 simple treatment steps. At Kitcha Dental Clinic, we offer pain-free anti-anxiety implant surgery options. Patients choose Kitcha Dental Clinic dental implant clinic for its hospital-basd patient safety and quality standards.