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Clear Braces

Advance Ceramic Brackets. Predictable and consistent. Translucent. Clear braces as similiar to metal braces with the main difference that the brackets are tooth-colored made of ceramics or plastic.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Compared to metal braces, clear braces :

  • makes orthodontic treatment less visible thus provides you with the confidence to smile during and after treatment
  • works with the same mechanics as metal braces and is suited for majority of cases in resolving functional occlusion misalignments.

Kitcha Dental Clinic orthodontic center uses 3M Clarity braces for its clear braces as the brackets are:

  • Small thus enhances patient comfort without compromising strength while minimizing occlusal interference
  • Predictable and consistent debonding
  • Enables a fast and efficient bonding
  • Translucent ceramic bracket that blends with tooth color, while resisting staining and discoloration during treatment
  • Smooth bracket surface and rounded corners minimize soft tissue contact and abrasion

Clear Braces Treatment Process

At Kitcha Dental Clinic orthodontic dental center, your orthodontic treatments starts with a discussion and consultation on various orthodontic treatment options for your case.

Step 1 : Planning and Pre-orthodontic Treatments

Upon you’re decision to start clear braces orthodontic treatment, your dentist Digital panoramic and celpholmetric x-ray images are taken. A study model is aso made for treatment planning.

Any prior dental treatments such as tooth removal, teeth cleaning, scaling, polishing or dental fillings is cleared to the placement of clear braces.

Digitalized X-ray

Panoramic and Celphlometric Imaging

Step 2 : Placement of Clear Braces

Your orthodontist is places on the clear brackets. At Kitcha orthodontic center, the majority of clear braces opted is by 3M Clarity or clear self-ligating braces by 3M Clarity SL and Damon Clear. All systems chosen based on successful historical case studies, verified licensed patents and are globally established systems from reputable top companies.

For 3M Clarity braces, clear brackets with a titanium archwire over teeth held together by elastic o-rings. The o-ring bands may also be selected as clear rings for less visiblity. For self-ligating braces, the brackets are placed on and titanium archwire ledged in without the need for o-rings.

Step 3 : Monthly Adjustments Visits

To shift teeth into position, it is important that you attend your monthly adjustments visits with your orthodontist to change the elastic o-ring or tighten self-ligating braces. Monthly visits checks range between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the type of braces you have opted for.

Your dentist checks progress and ensure correct forces are applied in the right direction for successful orthodontic results.

Step 4 : Removal of brackets & Retainers

On completion of having clear braces orthodnotic treatment align teeth into position, your dentist takes a set of panoramioc and celphlometric x-rays and removes the brackets over teeth.

Retainers to then made to maintain teeth positioning. A teeth impression is taken in having the clear retainers made. Retainers should be worn continuously and consistently as instructed by your orthodontist.

Teeth Braces Faqs

How long do I have to wear my braces?

The length of time to wear your braces will be determined by the complexity of your case that change range from a 6 months to 2 years. The type of teeth braces and treatment plan of your orthodontist can also play a factor in the progress and lenght of time of your orthodontic treatment. Prior to the start of your treatment, discuss with your orthodontist on which braces type and the estimated timeframe your case may take.

How much do teeth braces costs?

The cost of teeth braces might initially appear high. But aside from aesthetic reasons, orthodontic treatment treats irregular bites and crooked teeth that could result in gum disease, tooth decay or further issues if left untreated. Therefore, having teeth alignment could spare you future expenses over in the long-run in addition to gain the confidence of smiling. At our orthodontic dental clinic in Thailand, our teeth braces cost is normally paid in installments. Metal braces are the standard and most economical braces type, followed by ceramic braces, damon braces then invisalign. Prices range from 60,000 to 180,000 baht (estimated USD$1,880 to $570 per case). All our braces dental treatments are treated only by a orthodontist dental specialist.

Is it too late for me to have braces?

Dental braces is traditionally started between the ages of 8 and 14 during childhood when the majority of your child’s adult teeth have grown in. This takes advantage of your child’s growth to guide and move teeth to the intended psosition during development. There is however actually no age limit to get braces. Most adults do not have to wear braces any longer than an teenager or child. Adults however will no long continue growing making it slightly harder to correct more severe misalignments or certain conditions may need to be first taken care of prior to teeth correction. Once you have your braces installed, follow instructions to care for your braces and teeth. Many adults that we see at our thailand dental clinic prefer a non-visible orthodontic treatments and opt for invisalign, clear braces or lingual braces.