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Immediacy Implants

Dental implant treatment procedures has evolved. Conventional dental implants procedures typically 6 months to 1 year to complete the treatment process. If bone condition is compromised, additional bonegraft stages and timings is required.

There are 3 basic types of dental implant procedures:

  1. Conventional procedure
  2. Immediate procedure
  3. Immediate load procedure

One day implants or immediate implants is possible due to technologies that include:

  • Active surfaces implants : implants with special chemical surface coating that enables faster osseointegration
  • Bone level implants : for improved primary stability

Digital system and techologies enables safer and immediate function or immediate load implants :

  • digital treatment planning
  • guided surgery
  • CAD/DAM for labs
  • customized implant abutments and zirconia all ceramic crowns

Immediate placement and immediate load implants is not just offered for single implant crowns and implant bridge but also for full mouth options.

Types Of Dental Implant Procedures

Each of dental implant procedure varies on treatment timeline and the recommended process is dependent on individual cases on requirements, bone condition and implant placement positioning.

Type 1 : Conventional implants

Conventional dental implants is the standard and recommended dental implant proceudre. If there is still an existing tooth, your dentist removes the natural tooth and leaves it to heal for at least 2 months or more. Upon healing, your dentist starts the dental implant procedure done in 2 stage. During the first stage, the dental implant post is embedded. The implant post is left to heal for about 3 months or more. After the implant post integrates with jaw bone, your dentist continued by building the crown or prosthese over the implant post.

Type 2 : Immediate Implants

Immediate implants or one day implants is the procecedure whereby dental post is placed during the same surgical visit with tooth is extracted. The advantage of immediate implants is reduced surgical visits and less trauma/pain, faster treatment timings as there is no wait time on gums/bone healing before implant post placement. This procedure potentially prevents bone loss as the implant post replaced natural tooth root instantly. Cases for immediate implant is selective. There must not be infection in site for immediate implant placement and the amount of bone in the area must be sufficient.

Type 3 : Immediate Load Implants

Immediate load implants refers to the procedure whereby prostheses, temporary or permanent such as crowns or overdentures, is placed on during the same period after dental implant posts placement.Treatment wait time for prostheses is reduced as you have a new set of teeth or tooth immediately after implantation allowing you to smile confidently sooner.

Immediate load implants are done only for selected cases. This type of procedure carries higher risks. Appropriate cases must not have any contraindications and have the discipline to adhere to soft diet and good oral care post treatment

Full Jaw Immediate Function

For cases that requires full mouth dental implants or full jaw teeth replacements, immediate function fixed full prosthese options from top global implant systems.

Straumann ProArch