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How do we clean the instruments? Is it safe?

Our Dental Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand carries the sterilization machines and sterilization process indicators to ensure all our instruments are well sterilized with strict controls complying international sterilization standards. We use the ultrasonic cleanser system. Enzymatic and non-enzymatic solutions are used to facilitate instrument cleaning. Gloves, blades, needles, suction, etc. are single use and changed after each use.

Do you have a guaranty on the dental treatments?

Kitcha Dental Clinic does our dental works to the best of our ability. We are detailed, diligent and careful. Most of our treatments are covered by a long-term guarantee which will be discussed with you before beginning treatment. Our dentist’s treatments based on dental research, studies and standard controls in ensuring that an effective, safe and reliable choice of treatment is provided. Kitcha Dental Clinic thus provides a local guarantee on our dental lab works with the conditions.

Do you have an international patient services?

If you are looking for a dental holiday in Thailand, you can come to our dental clinic in Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand, and let us take care of your smile. We offer dental treatments with a saving cost up to 70% of your home country. Our dental office offers an online consultation, full mouth treatment planning and promises a valuable service. Hotel arrangements, Payment options and Other services are available upon request to our overseas patients seeking for dental treatments in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Who will be my dentist in Chiang Mai?

Our Chiang Mai dentist specialists are certified with both Thai and International University dental credentials in their specific field of specialities. Our dental staff of over 17 Dentists and dental implant specialists are available for dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, dental makeovers and general dentistry. Thus, they work by a referral system for providing a one-stop dental specialists center.

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