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World Class Dental Care in Chiang mai, Thailand

We are Open Everyday between 9am – 8pm.

Our patients are served by over 15+ dentists, covering 7 specialties with 30+ years experience.


Our new Dental Clinic Building features with 3 General Dental Rooms and 6 Specialty Dental Rooms.

Our facilities included on site are 3D Dental CT scan; Laughing gas supply; Oxygen pipeline for an emergency.


Our Patient services are included with International Patient Coordinators, Full Sterilized instruments, and an Affordable price with Dental warranty.


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Kitcha Dental Clinic Services


Replace Missing Gaps Permanently with Dental Implants

Dental implants treatments at Kitcha Dental Clinic, Chiang mai are treated by qualified implantologists or oral surgeons. Tooth implants are reliable replacement solutions that closes gaps and restores chewing function.


Dental Implant Placement Starting from 35,000 Baht

Our implantologist at Kitcha Dental Clinic, Chiangmai has been replacing single,and multiple missing space for our patients with a predictable and reliable world wild implant system. Started at 50,000 THB per implant (Implant Fixture 35,000 THB; Prosthesis 15,000 THB ) for restore your teeth permanently.


All Ceramic (IPS Empress, Lava, Zircon) Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are used for restoring a damaged teeth, strengthen root canal treated teeth or correct you bite and design new smile. At Kitcha Dental Clinic, the top level product, a All Ceramic Crowns are start at 15,000 THB.


Smile Make Over with IPS Empress Veneers

Porcelain Veneers from IPS Empress is a time-tested & well established all ceramic veneers. They are most commonly used for a dental makeover. Kitcha Dental esthetic dentists provide the dental veneer for you new smile start at 11,000 THB per tooth for an IPS Empress Esthetic.


Straightening Teeth Without Fixed Braces Invisibly

Invisalign uses a series of clear customized trays virtually invisible in straightening teeth. Invisalign trays are comfortable and removable for easy cleaning. Kitcha Dental Clinic’s dentists are certified by Align Institute, USA.


Ultra-Thin Lumineers from USA at only 0.3 mm

Lumineers are ultra-thin laminates placed over teeth in re-shaping or changing the color shades of teeth to a guaranteed whiteness commonly done for smile makeovers. For certain cases, lumineers do not require tooth preparation and is thus reversible.

 teeth_whitening_kitcha_dental_clinic_chiang_mai Whiter teeth in an hour. It’s that simple.

Years of yellowing as well as harsh staining from coffee, cigarettes, carbonated drinks, juices and red wine are almost magically erased in an hour. Clinical studies have proven that the Teeth Whitening treatment results in an average improvement of 7 shades whiter! Come and Grab the Promotion! 


A great fit that you can wear comfortably every day.

An acrylic or the combination of Acrylic and Metal partial denture, the Aesthetic Denture is fitted to replace some missing teeth. A good set of denture will help patient to eat, speak, function and often makes the patient look younger and better. An affordable choice with a great value – Denture.

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Leading Dental Implant Center

With advanced techniques and procedures, missing gaps can now be replaced instantly and permanently by certified dentists in Chiang mai, Thailand.

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Qualified Dental Lab
Our dentists has been transforming smiles and lifes with natural-looking all ceramic veneers and crowns for over 30 years with our dedicated dental laboratories. With an qualified dental lab, Kitcha Dental Clinic provides quick crowns delivery. Know More
International Safety & Sterilization

At Kitcha Dental Clinic, we provide consistent international safety, sterilization, and quality dental materials.

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