Overview of Inlay – Onlay – Overlay restoration

When a tooth is severely damaged to support a tooth filling but does not required a crown.

Dental Inlay, Onlay, or Overlay is in between dental fillings and crowns.

Dental Inlay or Onlay is the same kind of Restoration, but they cover different proportions of the tooth.

  • Dental Inlays fill the space in between cusp or round edges, all the center of the tooth surface.
  • Dental Onlay fill-up the tooth structure like an inlay but covers one or more cusps or the entire biting surface of the tooth.

Why they are more durable than filling?

Dental Inlay, Onlay is made from Porcelain or Metal. It is more durable and usually last longer than normal direct tooth filling.

How to make them?

At Our Kitcha Dental Clinic in Chiang Mai, our specialist prefers to do an indirect onlay, by taking the impression of the teeth after the cavities are removed, then the Laboratory takes 2-3 days for fabricating.

In the waiting time, a temporary filling will be placed that will be removed when the Inlay, Onlay restoration is ready to be deliver on patient tooth.

Why should patient choose this kind of restoration?

Inlay, Onlay restoration is more expensive than normal white or metal filling, but it last longer than direct filling.

Our dentist specialist will provide all the treatment options which fit patient’s budget and time frame.

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