Bridge – Implant – Plate – Clipper – Denture

Restore the Missing Tooth
Restore Teeth Function. Restore Your Smile. Restore Your Confidence.

Prosthodontics or Prosthetic Dentistry is a stream of dentistry that treats missing teeth or treats existing teeth that have significant damage. At our dental clinics in Chiangmai, Thailand, our dentists deal with congenital defects as well as problems arising from trauma and neglect. Our dentists can aid in the rehabilitation of a complete dentition or merely in the replacement of one or two teeth.


Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause oral health issues. Restoring missing teeth gaps by our Kitcha Dental Clinic’s dentists can help:

  • Prevents exisiting teeth from drifting into surrounding space of the missing teeth
  • Prevent damage tissues in the mouth due to out of position teeth
  • Prevents the risk of tooth decay, gum diseases, possible loss of additional teeth from difficulty of thorough cleaning between crooked teeth
  • Improves your smile
  • Restore function in properly chewing food
  • May improve speech
  • Prevent a sagging face by providing support for lips and cheeks

Types of Missing Teeth Restorations

There are several ways to replace missing teeth and damaged teeth by our Kitcha Dental Clinic’s dentists:

  • Dental Bridges 
    • Bridge, similar to dental crowns, can be made of porcelain, precious alloys (gold), or a combination of both. An complete ceramic bridge may be done by our Chiang mai dentist on anterior teeth that offers good natural esthetics. Bridge consists of at least 3 units of dental crowns and are used to replace missing gaps between healthy adjacent supporting teeth


  • Dental Implant
    • Implant functions similar to new tooth roots with crowns, fixed bridges or overdentures placed on the dental implants in replacing missing teeth


  • Denture, Clipper, Plate
    • Denture are removable replacements for missing teeth made either of acrylic resin or in combination with various metals. Dentures may be partial or complete.

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