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Marcel Schmid Avatar
Marcel Schmid
1/25/2021 - Facebook

I used their service for several years and brought several customers also. Today I brought a friend for a cleaning and asked for a small favor to remove some nicotine stains on one tooth. I had this done at other dentists and it takes 5 minutes. To my surprise it was denied to me and the head receptionist told me in very rude manner that I had to make a appointment. Is that how you treat a good customer?? I will never go back there neither recommend them to any of my many farang friends in Chiangmai. Fortunately there are plenty of other good dentists in Chiangmai

Hongyoke Jittraphan Avatar
Hongyoke Jittraphan
9/26/2017 - Facebook

วันนี้ไปถอนฟันคุดมาจ้าาา ฟันล่างเราต้องผ่าเพราะมันนอน คุณหมอที่ทำให้ ชื่อคุณหมอวิจิตราค่ะ เป็นคุณหมอเฉพาะทางด้านศัลยกรรมช่องปาก โดยตรงเลยนะคะ ใจดีมาก พูดเพราะ บริการดี ปลื้มมากคะ เราถอนทีเดียว4ซี่ ไม่เจ็บ แบบที่คิดไว้คะ ชิวมาก ฉีดยาชายังไม่เจ็บเลย ใครที่จะถอนฟันคุดหรือผ่า ลองดูที่คลินิคนี้นะคะ รับรองไม่ผิดหวังคะ�����

Areewan Thippayawat Avatar
Areewan Thippayawat
3/10/2020 - Facebook

ใจดี อธิบายอย่างล่ะเอียดดูแลดีมากๆ
จากตอนแรกใจเต้นแรง เครียดเพราะกลัวการถอนฟัน
ก่อนถอนตอนนี้โอเคมากๆเลย สำหรับการถอนฟัน

Julia Merkt Avatar
Julia Merkt
11/09/2017 - Facebook

I received excellent care and service from the staff at Kitcha during my seven months in Chiang Mai. I had my teeth whitened, an implant completed, and a new crown. My dentist here in the States was very pleased with the work, especially the way the implant was completed. Thank you, Kitcha.

Jess Nadine Smith Avatar
Jess Nadine Smith
10/04/2018 - Facebook

Thank you to Dr Kitcha and his wonderful staff! My partner was able to have great work done while we were on vacation. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the process was quick and painless. We are so grateful to have found this gem - we can not recommend this clinic highly enough!!

Debby Pell Avatar
Debby Pell
1/26/2018 - Facebook

I had a denture sorted by Mr Kitcha himself the s3rvice was amazing I was their for one week and I had an appointment every day not Wednesday Mr Kitcha let me go to pai lol. AMAZING DENTIST BEST ONE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO THANKYOU Debby Pell. See you in 2021.

Kati Ahonen Avatar
Kati Ahonen
4/23/2017 - Facebook

I can truly recommend Kitcha Dental Clinic to all. I just had my implant work ready and treatment was really good and well done. Doctor was fantastic and the whole Clinic full of kind and nice people! Thank you Kitcha Dental Clinic! 🙂

กองกีด ณโป่งใน Avatar
กองกีด ณโป่งใน
11/26/2019 - Facebook

พึ่งไปขูดหินปูนมาครั้งแรก..พนักงานพูดเพราะ ยิ้มแย้มแจ่มใส ใส่ใจลูกค้า คุณหมอและผู้ช่วย ดูแลเป็นอย่างดี เป็นกันเอง ใส่ใจทุกรายละเอียด ให้คำแนะนำตลอดเวลา และใจดีด้วย

Metatratip Sasiya Avatar
Metatratip Sasiya
2/03/2016 - Facebook

บริการดี คุณหมอให้คำแนะนำละเอียดให้ทางเลือกและร่วมกันตัดสินใจ ราคาสมเหตุสมผล ประทับใจมากค่ะ จะกลับไปเป็นคนไข้อีกแน่นอนค่ะ

Jo Nitradee Avatar
Jo Nitradee
6/30/2017 - Facebook

Highly recommended!! Professional Dentists, High tecnology, Absolutely Cleaned, Fair price, Convenince & Great service.

Sarah Jane Coffey Avatar
Sarah Jane Coffey
6/13/2019 - Facebook

The staff are very professional and speak good english. Kitcha is very modern and good hygiene is practised.

Steve Job Avatar
Steve Job
1/15/2020 - Facebook

บริการดีมากคับ คุณหมอให้คำปรึกษาได้ดีเยี่ยมเลย พนักงานต้อนรับน่ารัก

Napitporn Sa-nguanpan Avatar
Napitporn Sa-nguanpan
6/30/2017 - Facebook

คลีนิกสวยงาม เครื่องมือทันสมัย ที่สำคัญมีคุณหมอเก่งๆ บริการดีค่ะ

Nuchsara Pornchaivorakul Avatar
Nuchsara Pornchaivorakul
2/03/2016 - Facebook

คุณหมอที่นี่ใจดี และเก่งจริงๆ ฉีดยาชาไม่เจ็บเลย มือเบามากๆค่ะ

สิงห์บรรทุก สายใต้ Avatar
สิงห์บรรทุก สายใต้
10/24/2017 - Facebook

ไม่เจ็บครับ ชิวๆๆ สถานที่ ก็สบายครับ

Kenneth Nilsson Avatar
Kenneth Nilsson
11/26/2018 - Facebook

Det blir inte bättre! Toppklass på allt!

ผึ้งจัง ระดับเทพ Avatar
ผึ้งจัง ระดับเทพ
5/21/2015 - Facebook

Professional dentists and nice place here

อลิ ตา ต้า Avatar
อลิ ตา ต้า
8/08/2019 - Facebook

คุนหมอเก่งมาก. วันนี้มารักษารากฟัน นะคะ

Sakura Eh Avatar
Sakura Eh
12/10/2020 - Facebook

The service is really good ?

Coly Mokes Avatar
Coly Mokes
4/25/2018 - Google

Amazing Dental Surgery. Highly recommended!

I spent two hours driving around Chiang Mai searching for a Dentist who could perform the work immediately. Kitcha was the busiest clinic I found, so I didn't expect to be accepted - but within 10 minutes I was in the dentist chair. The staff took all of my details, tested my blood pressure, and assisted with all my requests without hesitation.

Due to dental trama from a young age, I am a regular visitor to dentists in many countries around the world. Mr Pawak Tungthangthum is without doubt the most informative and trustworthy dentist I have ever encountered. All of the work was explained in great detail, the expected cost was summarised before commencing the treatment and the equipment used was of high standard. I was particularly impressed with the X-ray equipment and how painless the injections were. Normally after fillings, dentists ask me how does it feel when biting down but with Pawak he mastered the shape first time and the end result was perfect - now my clenched jaw is more aligned than ever before.

I have never left a dentist surgery more satisified. I'm extremely happy with the end result and I'm considering going back again before I leave Chiang Mai because I know from my past experience it will be hard to find a quality dental treatment like this again.

If you need treatment, you should not look further than Kitcha. I'm sure you will not regret it.

Thank you so much Pawak and team! I'm proud of my smile again!

Best regards,
Colum Garrahan

Z.O O Avatar
5/27/2018 - Google

This was a lovely dental clinic. Back home in the US, when you make an appointment to see your dentist, the dentist is nearly always late. At this dentist, the dentist was always punctual.

They spent great care when dealing with my case. I had two old crowns and one had fallen out a year ago. I just wanted to replace the two crowns and go on with my life.

Back home, my new American dentist wanted me to do 6 crowns which would have been over $5000 out of pocket and claimed it was so I would have the best results. I don’t know if they thought I was Beyoncé but I don’t have that kind of money to throw away when it’s really not needed.

The dental work here at Kitcha was extremely well done for a fraction of the price. The dentist and dental staff were all very professional and kind. My two crowns came out lovely! I would recommend this place to any one who is running away from the American Dental Hawks who want to put a hole in your pocket for minimal work.

5 star work done at a great price! I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Kitcha!


Mikaila Grosso Avatar
Mikaila Grosso
1/22/2018 - Google

Just finished with a great experience at Kitcha! I paid 3150 thb for two x-rays, local anesthesia, one filling and one cleaning. I walked in for the first time at 4pm, made an appointment for 6pm and was finished by 7:30 pm all the same day. I was surprised to hear that my teeth are healthier than I thought. The last dentist I had seen was back home in California two years ago. They said I had 6 cavities that needed filling and it was going to cost me $1000 WITH insurance 🙁 I couldn’t afford it so I just put it on the back burner for a while. The dentist at kitcha told me that as long as I kept up with regular flossing and brushing that the very beginning stages of cavities (plaque) she could see on my teeth wouldn’t form into cavities that needed filling. I’ve heard of dentists in the US coming up with all kinds of things wrong with your teeth just to make more money and now I know it’s true. For shame! Thank you Kitcha Dental for the friendly, professional, honest and fast work!

Charles McBride Avatar
Charles McBride
10/09/2019 - Google

Wow....My best experience of a dental clinic ever. At sixty three, I have supported many a dentist's children's college funds. As a local, I was ready for a new dentist, as my old one seemed to have changed and became rather focused on profit more than patients.
Parking out front with assistant to help park, open door, and get you back in traffic upon leaving. Greeted with smiles and pleasant interchange as new customer. Professional services along with really positive vibes.
After examination needed due to my bad habit of biting open crab claws, I was told I had cracked a porcelain cap and at this time I should just keep an eye on it and remember to floss. They would be glad to do more if I so choose in the future. 100 baht for detailed examination of all teeth and consultation. They even have you hold a mirror so you can see the particular teeth you are discussing. Crazy cool place with nice sitting area and an excellent staff. My new dentist for sure.

Clara Leblanc Avatar
Clara Leblanc
7/03/2018 - Google

The dental work here at Kitcha was extremely well done, and it was not too costy. The dentist and dental staff were all very professional and kind !
I really recommend the dentist surgeon Mr Pawat. He did a fabulous job with my new front teeths ( I asked him 3 filling for the front teeths and 1 tooth at the base, the end result was incredible ! )
The only thing to report is maybe you have to spend at least 1or 2 days for all these stuffs depends on your needs. It takes up a lot of time. But it's worth it.
Besides, it's a great value ! we didn't spend a lot of money for 4 filling, 2 caries, and 2 cleaning + scaling , Mr Pawat gave us a really good quotation !
Well, thank you so much once again for the good job .
You are the best dentist surgeon , I have seen!
Clara and Jerome

Marcus Ambrose Avatar
Marcus Ambrose
6/06/2020 - Google

I wish I could give Kitcha 6 stars but 5 is the limit. They are the gold standard of dental clinics—not just in Chiang Mai, but worldwide. I’ve had dental procedures performed by top-notch dentists in various western countries around the world. I know dental professionalism and talent. I recently had implant surgery at Kitcha, and other less invasive services. I was so impressed. The dentist (surgeon) and his staff are as good or better than any dental office I’ve been a patient; and the equipment is state of the art. Oh, did I say their prices are VERY reasonable. Come to think of it, maybe 10 stars would be more appropriate LOL. Seriously, Kitcha is AWESOME!

Bob Keyburn Avatar
Bob Keyburn
10/24/2018 - Google

Clean, experienced professional dental doctors and team. By all indications, they appear to be observing US American Dental Association practices and standards. And, the practice is very well managed.

Having spent several weeks in Chang Mail, I also learned this long-time practice (second generation) also enjoys wide respect in the community. I am extremely satisfied with their level of care and their work. Do consider the Kitchen Dental Clinic when in Chiang Mai, you will see immediately see the difference. I would not be surprised to learn they are the best in a city with many good dentists -- and among the best in Thailand. I'll be back.

bruce millar Avatar
bruce millar
6/19/2019 - Google

I have just had 3 dental implants done. Stage 1 in September 2018 and now the final crowns completed. Of course it is an odd feeling but so far so good. I have no doubt about the professionalism and craft of my dentist, Dr Pawak.

At all times the communication from front of office was very clear, I knew exactly what procedure was occurring and at what price, no surprises.

All communication by email. 1 month before travelling from Australia, I had my appointment schedule mapped out (4 visits) so I could plan all activities around that. Highly recommend!

Martin Peacocke Avatar
Martin Peacocke
11/01/2019 - Google

What a wonderful Dental office! I highly recommend it. Absolutely the best dental experience I have ever had. I have had extensive dental work done over the last two months. ( Crowns, root canal, and maintenance work) Dr Mitcham and Dr. Paul are amazing, super professional and just great people. The office is amazing and the most modern equipment in Chiang Mai. The staff are lovely (narak) from the moment you enter the office. I had a great dentist in Canada but this office managed to even beat that experience. Check them out you won't be disappointed!

Adam Siw Avatar
Adam Siw
1/15/2019 - Google

Operate by very experience Dentist. Speak English too. Many Thai, expat, tourist customer.
Done a very good job on my tooth. Made a bridge on lower front and premium denture on lower right, regular maintenance too.
Done a much much better job then my home dental. So home dental are off my list now.
Specialist for tooth also available, on appointment only.
Very easy to get here. From Chiang Mai gate market place, directly across the street from 711 store. You can't miss their big sign board.

Jerry Yoder Avatar
Jerry Yoder
2/18/2018 - Google

Excellent - all my experiences at Kitcha - highly recommend. Dr. Pawat did a fabulous job with my implant - he was so patient and took the time to explain everything in detail, he's friendly, has excellent assistants and he speaks great English. Dr Susan, also good English, was wonderful with the deep cleaning, filings and whitening. The receptionists are all friendly, helpful and create a warm, comfortable, inviting Thai ambiance. Thank you Dr Pawat and all your fabulous staff at Kitcha.

John Schmidt Avatar
John Schmidt
5/23/2020 - Google

I do believe that the Kitcha team embodies what most folks desire in a dental office including up-to-date equipment, clean office, friendly staff, and full explanations about what is important to consider without being pushy..
I have more trust and respect for my dentist than anyone previous dentist in Chiang Mai and I have lived here for 18 years and visited many dental clinics.


John Michael Schmidt

The highest form of wisdom is kindness Aristotle

Sonia Steel Avatar
Sonia Steel
4/03/2020 - Google

I can not recommend Kitcha Dental Clinic more highly.
From the courteous friendly and re-assuring reception staff, who will bend over backwards to help you, to the wonderful, highly professional dentists that took care of myself and my partner with the utmost care and respect.
I hope to be able to continue using Kitcha in the future.
A family business that take pride in what they do.
Thank you to all staff and dentists who have looked after all our dental needs.

Hong Taing Avatar
Hong Taing
5/18/2020 - Google

I had some pretty major dental work done which I felt a bit nervous about initially but my concerns were quickly put to ease. I was impressed by the great facilities and very friendly staff. The doctors/dentists are all very polite, excellent communicators and clearly proficient in their abilities. I felt very comfortable fron the outset and would recommend Kitcha for anyone looking for dental treatment or services in Chiang Mai.

Pavalisa Chaiyathume Avatar
Pavalisa Chaiyathume
3/06/2020 - Google

Very clean and professional clinic.
Dr Pawak is very kind.
He always explains before, during, and after treatment. Worry-free feeling.

One of the best thing of seeing dentist!
‘Doesn't feel hurt at all’.

I wish this clinic is in bangkok so i dont have to fly to cnx to see dentist.

I would recommend this clinic to everyone who is in Chiang mai.

Price are reasonable.

Keep up your hard work ka.

Best regards,

Dylan F Avatar
Dylan F
1/18/2019 - Google

5 star experience from start to finish. Excellent communication and easy appointment booking process. Dr. Romyen did an excellent job cleaning and polishing my teeth with absolutely no pain or discomfort. If you’re sourcing a dental clinic in Chiang Mai I would highly recommend Kitcha Dental Clinic.

Natalie Hoffner Avatar
Natalie Hoffner
1/06/2021 - Google

Dr. Tungthangthum is amazing. I went in for a consultation for veneers. He made sure to explain everything thoroughly and didn’t push me to do any procedures. He helped me figure out why I was unhappy with my smile. I would highly recommend this clinic for any dental needs!

Keri Harasym Avatar
Keri Harasym
11/26/2018 - Google

I went here for a cleaning, while they were cleaning they found a small cavity so I booked in to have that fixed. They were very professional and spoke english very well. I spent $65 canadian for de-scale, polish and a small filling!! Highly recommend this clinc!!

Jon B. Avatar
Jon B.
2/16/2020 - Google

Best experience I ever had. No comparison to clinics back home in Germany. Amazing team. Very organized and friendly.

Ronna Smithrim Avatar
Ronna Smithrim
1/29/2020 - Google

Great clinic!!! Professional, respectful and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend and return for future work.

Seth Van Tifflin Avatar
Seth Van Tifflin
5/05/2020 - Google

Great dental clinic! English speaking staff too. Highly recommend this dental clinic!

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