Seeking for Dental Treatments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chiang Mai is the capital of northern Thailand and visitors seeking dental treatment here will find a historically important old city and a countryside rich with traditional lifestyles – ideal for enjoying some much needed rest and recuperation. Said to be the cultural center of Thailand, the city is laid-back and creative. Filled with temples and craftspeople it is the perfect complement to the unscathed villages and towns nestled in the surrounding mountains.


Kitcha Chiangmai Dental ClinicWith its stunning mountain scenery and cooler climate Chiang Mai retains an atmosphere of calmness and tranquility. Its three-hundred temples are among the most revered in the Buddhist world, blending harmoniously with 21st century facilities ensuring Chiang Mai’s popularity for travelers, businesses and its residents. Coupled with its renowned hospitality, its credentials as both a vacation and a medical and dental tourism destination guarantee its enduring appeal.


Travel to Chiang mai

Chiang Mai is slightly cooler than many of the popular destinations in Thailand. There are three distinct seasons in Chiang Mai – the cool season, from November to February; the hot season, from March to June; and the rainy season from July to October. During the cool season maximum temperatures are around 25C but may be a bit chilly in the evening until early morning at 15C. In the hot season temperatures are around 40C and rarely below 25C at night. During the rainy season it is still hot at around 30C, but humid too depending on the amount of rainfall. January and December are considered to be perfect months weather-wise, but this is also peak season. November and February are good alternatives. The rainy season can be a good time to visit. It is still very warm but the downpours do cool the air down, and prices at this time of year are often cheaper. 


Chiang Mai is settled along the Ping River in northern Thailand among the highest mountains in the Kingdom. Chiang mai is around 435 miles (700 km) north of Bangkok. 

Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) is only 10 minutes from the city center. The airport serves both international and domestic flights.


Chiangmai festival


Transportation in Chiang mai

SONG TAEW – These covered pick-up trucks have two long benches in the back. The most common, the red ones, don’t follow a specific route, simply roaming the main streets around busy areas such as the temples or markets. Prices usually have to be negotiated. Fixed route song taew are found around Warorot Market and charge a flat rate – blue travel to the south, green to the northeast, yellow to the north and white to the east. There are also song taew at Pratu Chiang Mai market traveling to Hang Dong and San Patong. 

TUK-TUK OR SAMLOR – Tuk-tuks are a quick, if noisy, way of getting around but the samlors (three-wheeled bicycle) will get you there much slower and quieter.

SELF-DRIVE – Motorbike and car hire are great ways to get around the area, with most of the major car rental companies represented. The roads are generally in good condition, with both Thai and English road signs. 

ON FOOT/BICYCLE – The walled city is only a square mile and easy to navigate by foot. Alternatively, a bike is a safe and quick way to get around inside the old city as traffic is relatively restrained. 


Dental Services

Our Dental Clinic in Chiang Mai  provide full range of dental treatments – from checkup and cleaning to complex dental treatments such as cosmetic smile makeovers (Crown and Bridge, Porcelain Veneer, and dental implants).


Chiang Mai Dental Implant Center


Our Dental Implant Center has the state-of-art technology including CT 3D Dental Scan with a reasonable price for worldwide dental implant brand.


Kitcha Dental Chiang Mai Implant




We are also provide the warranty for our service at Kitcha Chiang Mai Dental Implant Center.


Dental Implants Warranty at Kitcha Dental Clinic


Aesthetic Dental Center

Our Dental Aesthetic Center could help you to replace your badly broken smile with a new shiny one.

Dental Veneers change the look and shape of existing teeth. The Porcelain Veneer could be used for a few teeth or for a full set of new smile. The cosmetic dentist will need to evaluate the dental bite (occlusion) to determine if a patient is a candidate for dental veneers.

However, our works are strictly base on the minimal invasive concept to ensure that the result will last long with you.

Smile Gallery

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